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Stage Play

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by yapkl in Lighting Setup - (0 Comments)

New Yorker in Tondo 227

Our company recently sponsored a mini play written by Marcelino Agana Jr. entitled “A new Yorker in Tondo”. This is a story of a girl named Kikay that grew up in the streets of Tondo, Manila, and a few years later she was able to work and live in the big apple. Here she has adopted the American culture and has “shed of” her old Filipino ways, she comes home after a year in the US showing off to all her childhood friends that she is now “hard to reach”. The play is directed by Ygy Cabuncal, with associate director Jeyps Bayhon together with the Thespians Clique they perform for one night only. (more…) Stage Play

Fire in the Sky

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by yapkl in Lighting Setup - (0 Comments)


The night sky comes alive as participants from around the globe travel to Mall of Asia (MOA) the Philippine Islands biggest mall! Every Sunday starting from Feb 14 to March 14, 2010, two countries will light up the sky with their skills with fire and music. As this year there is one different theme… The Fireworks display should be dancing together with music for the performance. The culminating event will be presented at March 14, 2010. (more…) Fire in the Sky

Leaves of Green

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by yapkl in Lighting Setup - (0 Comments)


A Healthy plant’s leaves are some of the best places to get great textures for your photoshop picture editing needs. Some leaves are thin enough to let light pass through them, you do net even need a special light setup to make this shot work. (more…) Leaves of Green

God Rays

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by yapkl in Lighting Setup - (0 Comments)

12-20-2009 Mon: God Rays

God rays are described by sailors of the middle ages as the rays of light preceding a strong storm, guiding men and ships alike to calmer waters. from storm clouds to calm seas these beautiful rays of lights appear only during a certain time of the day. The conditions have to be just right, as well as the timing. Nature photographers divide certain times of the day for certain light conditions so as to maximize the natural light on the area. For this shot the “Golden Hour” as what they would call it is set on a sunny day every 4:00PM – 6:00PM just before sunset. This is the perfect time were the sun reaches an angle that can make your subjects skin glow. (more on lighting temperatures in the succeeding chapters). (more…) God Rays

Catch Light

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by yapkl in Lighting Setup - (0 Comments)

Catch light
I’ve made new changes to my “strobe” article as of late, moving forward I’ll be writing under the tittle “Catch light”. This is a photography term that describes the light being caught by your eyes. This is the little sparkle that’s in every portrait’s eye. It makes your eyes lively and bright, giving you character and life. The same is true for what I would like my behind the scenes shots to show you. “The sparkle behind the pictures that capture your imagination.” (more…) Catch Light

Lights and Mirrors

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by yapkl in Lighting Setup - (0 Comments)

12-08-2009 Cams: Reflections of Vanity

A mirror makes us see ourselves for who we are, plain and simple or wild and free it shows us how we present ourselves to others and how others see us it presents a preview to who we are to the world. To us photographers this presents a new challenge in creating images with in images. The possibilities are unlimited with the right use of light and angling, you can maximize the use of mirrors as reflectors for your main lights and your subject all in one go. Using this technique you can give fresh perspectives to your usual angles. Mirrors help you generate shots that you would not think of getting with just pointing your camera and taking a picture.

(more…) Lights and Mirrors

3D Durian

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by yapkl in Lighting Setup - (0 Comments)

Durian 003

Taking pictures of still life is one of the best ways to develop simple light setups. This is an example of a two light setup were you have one light on top and one light across acting as fill for the spikes in this Durian fruit still light shot. (more…) 3D Durian

Starry Sky at Midday

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by yapkl in Lighting Setup - (0 Comments)

People think that because it is well lit and in the middle of the day you do not need to bring out your flashes… This practice is not always the right one as the middle of the day is the time of the highest contrast. As a photographer, you have to decide whether you will be taking a good background or a good foreground. Choosing one will make either one be under or over exposed. This would result in an incomplete picture. What then is the solution to the problem? The answer is fill lighting. In Layman’s terms, the use of flash even in a brightly lit situation. The trick is to pop open the flash of your digital camera and meter to the lightest part of the scene which is usually the background. This makes the foreground dark and silhouetted against the bright background. To balance this out you will have to aim your flash at the dark part of the scene and start taking some test shots. Your objective it to get the fill light as close to the natural light as possible so as to remove the dark spots of the picture. (more…) Starry Sky at Midday

Skull Side Lights

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by yapkl in Lighting Setup - (0 Comments)


I used my brother’s 4D skull puzzle as a main subject for this shot. Notice the harsh light that is defining the neck and the base of the skull, this is complemented with the reflected light just inching its way to the side of the face. This kind of set up is best for cheeky persons as you may hide their cheeks in shadow between the eyes and the ears on models left side as shown here. (more…) Skull Side Lights

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